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Very cute and Seuss-like. I enjoyed it.
Cute and fun! The rhythm tripped me up in a couple places, but this was delightful and playful.
Uh-oh! I'm reading entries from the back to the front...take a look at the next entry and you'll see what I'm prone to do when I read Seuss-like poetry! (I'll spare you, though, and anyone else reading the comments.:) But obviously, I love this type of material; it makes me happy! I think children love it, too, since the pattern and words are easy for them to read and remember.
Wonderful poem. I'd love to use it in my classroom to teach students about descriptive phrases. Let me know. Thanks.
You really must get an illustrator to collaborate with you on this one.

The rhyme was perfect, though once or twice the meter bobbled. The ending seemed just a little abrupt. Maybe add a stanza where the three promise to come again whenever Lou gets bored.

This is a great read-aloud for the younger set, though. Terrific job!
Absolutely delightful--reminds me of an old Peter, Paul and Mary tune called "The Marvelous Toy." Not only should this be illustrated, it should also be set to music!
MASTERWRITING!!! In total agreement, needs to be published!!!!!!!!!!
My favorite sentence--
It slip down the rainbow and circled a cloud--in this wonderful children's story.
So delightful! Any child would be captured by this--the child in me certainly was!
Children love poems and well, so do I. Especially when they are fun like this one. Great job.
I could just picture a group of kids in a circle chanting this charming poem. All, with big, wiggly, giggly smiles!
Very good. Children will love this.
Yes! I want to see this illustrated! Oh what fun! This is great and I loved it!
Such a wonderful poem to capture the heart and mind of a child. Well Done!
Oooh! Cute! This was fun. I liked the ryhme, though it was a little awkward in the spot with the "puppy or kitty" even though it ryhmes with pretty. I liked the ending with the rainbow. Cute.
Well, my buddy, this IS a MASTERPIECE! Congratulations on your win. You and I are, once more, alike. We love to be funny AND we both have an outrageous imagination. The more I see of your writing, the more I have to laugh at how we are so on the same wavelength. You know, after I wrote mine I'd wished I'd put it in poetry form, but I needn't have bothered. You already did! Now, get that book going!
Really liked this. Reminds me of Dr. Seuss!