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This is AWESOME!
Absolutely delightful! Wow, layer upon layer of cool things for a child to do while reading this story. I love the interaction between the main character and the child reading the story and the narrator...neat!
Creative and clever. Great job.
Absolutely delightful - this would be an amazingly fun read for any child. I LOVE the interaction between Maggie, the reader, and the narrator. Completely wonderful.
Of course! Yet another creative story no one else in the world would have thought of! You always do an awesome job, every genre, every challenge. It gets boring.
( ust teasing!)This was just too, too clever! Every line added to the overall delight! I knew right away you hadn't made a spelling error. That would just never happen!
How delightfully fun!
Very good!!
Brilliant and clever, as always.... Very original idea. (glad I didn't have to point out that spelling error, either, thought you'd be kicking yourself over it...) I can see the illustrations to go along with this.
An excellent title! Kids would enjoy the way you broke from Maggie's story to talk directly to them, then went back to the story. I wonder if children will be encouraged to look at their dictionaries a little more. I could see this incorporated into a language arts lesson, perhaps the first one teaching how to use a dictionary.

This is almost like a story inside a story, like one of those painting with a mirror image within a mirror image. Neat!
Truly amazing! You are so creative, and a great story teller. This would be one of my favorite children's books -- as an adult. A story I wouldn't mind reading over and over. You have got to try to get this published -- it's awesome. :)
Okay, girl. You get it. Top prize, at least from me. I've nothing else to say.
What a cute and oh-so-clever story! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, and I know children would, too! You are such an imaginative writer--a true Master!! :) Excellent writing!
Fun and delightful! Loved the little side-bars, "(Yes, reader, she was talking to you. Go ahead, get a sandwich. If you finish it, you may have a cookie, too.)"
Great way to pull a young reader right into a story! I would love to see a series of books about young Maggie!
Brilliant! It was such a unique idea to actively involve the reader in Maggie's world. Kids would love that! Such a good plot too - It paid off to be the 'dictionary kid'! And all in 750 words.....
Children would love the interaction and the sly sarcasm in this wonderful story, just as I did!
This is so much fun. I love how the narrator talks to the reader. CS Lewis does this a bit in The Choronicles of Narnia and I always thought it was so neat. Very creative and captivating.
Can you draw too? If so, make this the first part of a project.
This is just the kind of story that gave me a love for reading. Captures the imagination and lets us run with the thoughts of the adventures ahead.
A fun way to get children to read the dictionary.
I would love to hear this read out loud. And I would love to watch the children as they listened. :)

What fun! Oooo ... I wanted to figure it out too!

I think we enjoyed this as much as the children will!

This is worth the weight of creativity in gold! I loved the character of Maggie and this was quite fun to read with a 'double narration'. A keeper for sure! ^_^