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I don't even know what to say about this. Wherever did you come up with the POV of a head louse? And ending up on a bodiless head? Creative beyond belief! Did Kenn and Maxx co-write this one?
This is too cool. I must say, though, for the "children" reading this, we might need to hand out dictionaries and thesauruses.

Loved the rhyme scheme and POV.
I'm impressed that you could find so many -ous rhyming words, not to mention that your poem was VERY entertaining!
I like the poem very much, but I, too, wonder if children would struggle to read it. The POV is clever!
A joy to read - and I love the last stanza. I'd also be concerned with the vocabulary, but I just loved this piece.
I'm not concerned with the vocabulary, as I love poetry like this that bright and motivated children would enjoy. I think they'd love the repetition of the -ous words, and would be able to figure most of them out from the context. And even if not, they'd love the rhythm, and the meaning is certainly clear.

This is a masterpiece! Ick.
What an imagination the author has!! (and such a funny ending). I think you are a skilled poet.
So melodious!
I am so envious!
Uproarious! Curious! Hilarious! This is wasted on the kid's lit genre, though this would be a marvellous piece for a year 7 or 8 English class. Oh the joys of the English language!
Tee-hee! What an imagination!