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To let go of faith when all seems lost anyway? Or hang on and trust God will intervene in time? I've been there! Good story.
Excellent entry full of action and drama---and a wonderful reminder of the importantce of hanging on to our trust in God.
Spellbinding action. Loved the inner voice saying "trust, trust". Made me want more, though. The rest of the story. Great job!
Very intense. You sure know how to put us right smack in the middle of the moment. Gave me chills and got my heart racing.
A real cliffhanger! The open end, though, is a reminder of what you demonstrated throughout your story. We never know how God will work, or what will happen next. Life is like that.
Wow - I didn't realize I was holding my breath until I gasped for air. Riveting drama. My heart is still pounding. Echoes the turmoil within when face to face with the decision to trust God over self. Well done!
Wow! What action. Great story.
This was pretty good. My only complaint was that I wish I knew what was in the pack before the end.(Personal preference though! ^_^) I liked the character of Troy best. Nice job.
Gasp!! Gulp!!! THIS IS REALLY AWESOME! Multi-leveled impact (emotional, intellectual, spiritual) - wow. Gripping every step of the way; what a delivery.
Incredibly intense! You're quite a writer!