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Oh, a day in the life of a working mom. This was entertaining and fun. Good dialogue. Big thumbs up.
The only kind of adventure most mom's experience! Funny!
Too cute! I especially loved this repetition:

Youre grounded, youre fired Youre filthy! youre history!

This is great!
I was on the seat of my pants, laughing sooo hard I almost wet them!
Very,very good!
Very entertaining & well written.
This is a wonderful story, excellently written with enough humor for good hearty laughter. The details were so clear I could visualize every agonizing minute for a much harried mom!
This line says it all "Youd think theyd be used to it by now."

Reporting a toddler for indecent exposure??? WOW!!!

I'm tired just reading it...
Absolutely hilarious, every last word. Loved it, loved it, loved it.
So fun - I am ALSO tired from just reading this! You threw me right in the middle. Great stuff!
Lynda, this was delightful, a very welcome laugh! A spot of humor among all of the more sober entries.

I loved the part where Krissy attempts to pretend she wasn't on the phone and Mom goes "So busted" because of the cordless still in her hands. Oops!

And as far as buck naked toddlers entertaining the neighbors, I had at least one or two episodes of that when my daughters were growing up. Thank the Lord for neighbors with a sense of humor.

This was a gem! One of my favorites this week.
Although I can't identify 100% with everything that's gone on here, I can certainly be entertained, amused, educated and thank-ful for your bringng a little humor into my day today!
Oh that poor mom. She has my sympathy and well, my laughter. She truly has what it takes to stick to motherhood. I do hope she finds her sanity soon. Great writing, hilarious adventure. I loved the tone on this and hope it does well. ^_^
You totally nailed the dog's name!
So typically Lynda! What a hoot all the way through and too many fun spots to mention.

This is great Lynda - it's so good.
Great! I loved it. I could picture each of the characters.
LOL!!! I have to echo what Jan said: "Absolutely hilarious, every last word."
What a great read!
Great job, Lynda!!!!!
I truely loved it and am encouraged to know this happens in other peoples' lives too. Be kool. God bless.
Haha, I should have guessed this was yours when I was judging it. Thanks for the laugh :)
Hi Lynda: This is so cute. Yes, even if I didn't look at the author's name I know your style pretty much now and your hilarious descriptive verbal illustrations keep me grinning and guffawing.:0) Hey thx for the kind encouraging words for my little devotional piece, "We Are One Body.". God bless kiddo.Janice