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I love this story - it gave me chills when they jumped together. Wonderful action and powerful lesson!
Excellent message, and so intense. Your sense of place is just perfect. This is wonderful.
Fabulous. It terrified me all the way to the amazing conclusion
Good story. I'm so glad it ended this way. Good job.
Hautingly authentic and the adventure continues.
Bill, this one is wonderful! Fantastic ending, high energy and suspense, great atmosphere--one of your best!
Wow! You captured the emotion, the characters, the scene, and the message perfectly, with suspense thrown in for good measure!
Great story, Bill. I savored the suspense and the boy's thoughtfulness and his ultimate decision. Bravo on all counts!
Your writing astounds me. This reminds me of your "Aunt Isabe's Cabin," which you know I see playing as a movie in my mind. As impossible as I find it to see through the eyes of the elder Billy, intent on a lynching, your writing is as believable as history with a wonderful ending, instead. Our Creator has blessed you with a remarkable gift, and I'm glad to be in your audience.
Wow! What an exhilerating lift. I love the taste of freedom and you certainly captured it wonderfully. Excellent writing, especially for this time period. I loved that they two jumped together in the end. I hope they got away. ^_^
Yay!! FREEEEDOM!!! Love everything about this adventure, but especially the change of heart at the end, and the escape.
Excellent... speechless...
I have to admit I like this. ;-) The setting is authentic and the pace is spot-on. I could sense Billy's change of heart coming but it was invigorating all the same.

I like that this shows that there are many kinds of freedom, and each one can be exhilerating in its own way. Great job and good luck!
Love the title - loved the ending and loved the writing in between - I would say this is very creative indeed!!
Fantastic read!