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Oh my, I can identify with this entry all too well. My son is in high school now and just last week I got a call from the VP. It seems he was goofing around with a friend after school - he threw a stick at his friend and missed. The stick flew past his friend and went into the open car window of a teacher and hit the teacher in the head while she was driving. She was not pleased. LOL

Loved the story! Blessings, Teri
THIS is a classic! What-a-hoot! Reminds me of my grandson! (aren't they always innocent?)

I loved the wit, the characters, and I LOVE Timmy!

Great job!
An adventurous boy makes for an adventurous life! Very appealing characters.
I love it. I just love it. If only we could all have such an adventerous outlook on life.

Thanks for sharing, and God bless,

ROFL!!! Oh, this was an adventure alright! An adventure for the child and a bigger one for the parents. Loved the story, loved the humor, could "feel" for the mother (been there, done that). And so very well written. Great job!
Hilarious! Oh the adventure of being the mother of an adventurous (and imaginative) little boy. Good work.
Now there's a little boy who understands adventure! Clever and funny...I love your story.
Great Friday night entertainment!! Our family got a real belly laugh out of this one!!
What a delightful, imaginative story and I love your Timmy! I've known a few kids like this and they all turned out well. Although they may have their parents at wits end, we can't help but love them for their creativity. Kudos to you for writing this.
Laughing with my sore thoat was no fun, had to rush for a bowl of ice cream. What a hoot - unfortunately, I can relate to much of this (our middle son). Our son is now a psychologist working with difficult children. Thanks for the morning smile.
I love this---very entertaining and true to life on how the parents felt.
This is priceless--and it makes me thankful I had girls. A laugh in every line; thanks so much!
Ohhhh my! What an imagination Timmy (and YOU) have - I hope this isn't a memoir LOL. A delight to read.
What a hoot! A completely fun and delightful laugh-out-loud piece. Bravo! :-)
ROFL! This is simply too funny! Timmy is a hilarious character...and I already know a few just like him! ^_^ This was fun and interesting to read, I loved the humor and especially the bit when the mom comes out of the office and sees Timmy with the eraser stuck to his forehead. Very, very well done here! Kudos!
Wow. This is so good. it had me in stitches, the good kind,grin.:)Your description through the dialogue was great. When they were tots and in their early to mid childhood my son and his best friend, were always so mischevious and energetic that we use to call them our"Dennis the Menaces." What one didn't think of the other would. Again, great story.Janice
How I very much wish I could not relate this story...but I can. I loved it!
Ooops! I meant, "I wish I couldn't relate TO the story..." Great job!
Oh, my! I've had to see the principal for mine, but never like this. I hope this is fiction. Good writing.
Too funny and you can't help but love the antics and spunk of this little boy. I'd say it's an adventure for everyone all around.
I loved this story and laughed all the way through. What wit you have! Hey, girls do things like that too. In seventh grade my daughter put a paperclip in an electrical socket and shorted out the electriciy of the entire school. Excellent writing.
Wonderful!Thanks for the great laugh!
This is so funny, with five grandsons, I always wonder if anything like this will happen at their school. I think they save all the excitement for when they are at my house. lol Loved it!