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I couldn't wait to see what was in the room. Good job.
I like this. Old houses and mysteries intrigue me.
Very moody and visual--I felt like I had to read quietly as they entered the locked room!
Excellent sense of atmosphere. I stumbled a bit in the middle, but this was wonderful overall!
Very nice...felt very Nancy Drew.. I loved the flash forward and tying it to the past.
Nice job! I found myself disappointed when the story ended. I wanted more - but that darned 750 word count. Argh! :-)
How wonderful it would be to really find an old letter like this. You made it seem very real. This was well done.
I LOVE stories like this. The dialouge between the girls was pretty realistic too. I liked the story within a story inside the room. How sad and stirring at the same time. Good job.
Very nice. I couldn't wait to learn what was in the room. I wanted to explore the old house some more.