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I LOVE this! What a creative take on adventure... and it truly is an adventure to live for God in the world today. This is a great line: He could hear her smiling. Great work, and thanks for a refreshing read. Blessings, Cheri
Very nicely done!
Just as I always suspected;the real heroes are ordinary men doing the right thing, without fanfare, day after day. Great story!
This gets my "Knight in Shining Armour" award. Life is so much more exciting when it's lived brilliantly.
You showed clearly that truly the real adventure is living for the Lord. I like the strong Godly man in your story.
Delightful - the title drew me in, and the story kept me captivated. Excellent job with the POV.
Very well-written story with realistic situations and a great message! We may not all be sky divers, mountain climbers, race car drivers, etc., but we all do live lives full of challenges! :) Good job!
An authentic slice of life and a great example of how to lead a life of faith, honor and character and truly become a "Prince" in the eyes of those you cherish.
What a great story and a great real-life hero. A good guy, who does the right thing and isn't all stuck up about it. Great story, great characters and enjoyable read.
I really liked this one when I judged, Debbie. I had to mark it down a little for the opening hook and how well it would do within its genre, but otherwise you got top marks :)