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Beautiful story. One of my favorites!
What a great story - I loved your take on a little boy's thoughts - every boy has a bit of a Hero in him.

Thanks, and God bless,

Excellent story!
Delightful story! Now I know what Walter Mitty was like as a young boy!
Your description of an autistic child was right on!
Roman's thoughts, reactions showed us the charateristics these children live with. What an adventrue for him to step into the sunlight he normally can't besr in order to rescue the little girl!
Great writing!
I loved this story!! I could identify with it a lot, since I was a child very much like Roman (and still am a person like him). I too have always felt more comfortable encountering people in stories than in real life, precisely for the same reason--books tell me clearly what people are thinking and feeling inside, and I too have trouble telling that about people in real life-- which makes encounters with them often scary or confusing. Thanks so much for sharing this!
Beutiful, touching story (as always), describing an autistic boy. Sensitive, light (as in gentle, rather than humorous), moving.
Absolutely wonderful. Books have been my escape, also. I love how the adventures in his mind blended into the real world -and he a real hero.
This is very sweet. I love Roman's imagination, and the way you showed he is special, without coming out and saying it. It is so well written, too, but then, you are a pro. Thumbs up.
Excellent look into an autistic boy's perceptions. This gave me some keen insight into my son, who is mildly so. I do not think this fizzled, by the way.
This one is great! I really liked how you showed how Roman's imagination interpreted the events around him.
Excellent choice for what Roman was reading; he must have felt very much like Tom Sawyer, an entire afternoon about to be wasted on something someone else determined was 'good' for him. I identify with Roman; books are more predictable than people, and a lot easier to relate to sometimes. Good description of the nature of a perfectionist: the books having to be aligned just so, the bookmark placed just right.

I liked the ending. Roman is a hero!

Just goes to show I should probably read the other comments before submitting my own. I didn't realize Roman was autistic. Sorry!
Brilliant... identified with Roman completely.... books - the ultimate escape, a new adventure every day. Well-written, well-developed, colourful, as always.
What I like best about your story is how well it causes the reader to relate to Roman, proving he really isn't all that different, after all. It's creative as an adventure story, in that the adventure finds Roman, instead of the other way around. As usual, fabulous writing!
To have such insights into a child such as Roman is a gift - you have truly blessed this reader by your compassionate writing.
This was fun. A different adventure twist, I was hoping for something indiana jones-like, but this wasn't too bad. It read at an easy pace and I liked the thoughts when his imagination is calling him off on a different track. Sounds like me. ^_^ I can't think of anything to change really, it was okay, but not great. I think maybe the ending was a little rushed with him remembering the missing little girl, but that could just be me.
Very cute story! I wish the boy in your piece could get together with the boy in mine. They'd have such fun together, huh? :D I can totally relate to Roman, because as a child I loved books and was always "acting out" scenes from my imagination! Great job!
I love your creativity. Who else would have thought of a story for "Adventure" from the perspective of an autistic boy? This story is exactly the reason you are in Masters. Superb.
I love it. This is a very sweet story. I loved "hearing" Roman's thoughts.
Terrific story with perfect writing for adventure. I love how you used commas and left out words in order to create action, it kept the pace of the tale of a 'slow' adventure hero at pace with the genre and the use of the source material and the imitations of it demonstrated a great gift with words. For a suggestion? Turn it into 1500 words, add some foreshadowing to the ending in the beginning, and sell the short story.
A fizzler!? This had all the fizzle of a five-hour-old glass of Sprite. Just a few bubbles still floating to the top. And I mean that complimentary. The subelty of this boys adventure could easily of been as overlooked as the last of a Sprite's fizzle. A boy in a bubble forced to the top. Anyway, I really liked this piece because it didn't bowl me over, or shake up the soda can and spray your adventure all over me. Masterful. God bless.
No less than awesome! Reading your stories always makes me feel like I've missed so much in life -- you're a master at tying things together, integrating stories and nursery rhymes into real-life situations. What an incredible gift you have! Before we moved, I had a piano student with Aspergers--she functions very well with music. Her relational skills, however, are much like Roman's in your story. Her mom told me, "music makes sense to her because its predictable and understandable." Excellent work, Jan!
A Hero! I'm not normally shy, but somehow, I was able to identify with this little boy. I did spend a lot of time alone as a child.
This story is wonderful. I felt the boy's heart. Well done.
Another wonderful story from a master story-teller! AWESOME WRITING!
What a wonderful story! I loved this. Beautifully written! God bless your gift!Janice