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This is great! I love the subtle humor, and the ending is perfect. Well done.
What an imagination! But the pov came through loud and clear.
I loved the story. Are you sure you don't dogwalk for Britney?
Your title definitely grabbed me but your story kept me reading. Very enjoyable and well written.
I agree--very enjoyable read and a great reminder to pray for our troubled celebrities who need Jesus.
Totally cute and fun to read. Perhaps dog stealing should be a ploy to win her heart ... notify the next suitor she gets ... lol.
Oh, what fun! Great job with the details. This felt VERY authentic. (Does Adam Sandler REALLY have a dog named Matza Ball? hehe)
Should there be discaimers on this adventure, because if this isn't true, you certainly made it seem so.
Great job and an enjoyable read.
A thoroughly enjoyable read. What an imagination.
A fun read. Though I am not a fan of Britney. This was okay to read. I liked the interior dialouge, the descriptions and the candle lighting. It made it real. Good job.
What a great story! It was a fun read.
Great story - I really liked how you showed that God loves every person, even those who we think are living sinful lives. I appreciated the ending, too.
Heartfelt, heartwarming, heart-touching and perfectly written!
Are chiwawa's (sp) hairless too? :).
Anyway, loved the story, very creative and well told with the flair I come to expect from a master like you. Superb job. God bless.
***Congrats on your highly commended!***
I judged last week, and this one was my favorite :D Thanks for the rollicking good laugh.