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Wow! Awesome imagery in this thoughtful poem! I like the hopeful ending, too! You have such a descriptive style that paints a clear message with your words! Great job! :)
What powerful word pictures you have given us. Enjoyed it very much.
I echo the comments above and let me add that the structure was fascinating. It really helped the flow and delivery of the message. Great job!
To me, this is reminiscent of Shakespeare (may just be me). I like it. Good work.
I loved this poem. The imagery was wonderful. Beautifully written. Touched my heart. Wonderful poetic expression of the ultimate expression of love that overcomes all. Thank you for adding such a blessing to my day.
I like the images presented here. That last stanza was especially good.
Great sumation of life.
So feeling with such few words, I really liked this poem... I am glad you decided to throw the brick on the forums or I may not have got to read this.

Have a great day.
Awesome! I liked so much the
personification of the "knitter" weaving dark clothes. Also, "praise, our only part" ... just beautiful. You do excell at all genres, my friend!
The imagery here is outstanding. This was one solid piece of poetry, I enjoyed it very much!
Wow! From darkness to everlasting light. Great work!
Wow! I'm not familiar with this style but I sure enjoyed it! And I loved your word choices along with its message.

I need to read it again!
Powerful images - this is VERY good.
Hey, Awesome job! I like the simple style and short lines. Very easy to read, but very deep at the same time. You pull on so many different emotions all at the same time and in tandem bringing this whole piece and making it personal to the reader. I could feel and breathe this. Which, is pretty awesome. Well done!
Wow! One of my favs this week. Awesome job. Really loved this. God bless.
Excellent piece -- one could almost feel constraining the "knitter's" shroud, then the release from the Master. Wonderful.