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What a lovely trip through a child's life. You've covered a lot of territory in a few words. I love the symbolism of the rocker waiting on her.
This is very well done.
This is very sweet. It's a marvelous picture. I feel the longing of the rocking chair/the mother. Life is so bittersweet. Though I'm not schooled in poetry forms, I really like the way this is written. The change of the lines makes it even more interesting. Wonderful poem!
Beautiful job! This flows and I love the symbolism, very sentimental and touching. God bless your talent! Keep it up hon.Janice
This reminded me a bit of The Giving Tree! Lots of poetic tools used in this poem and I, too, liked the change of lines, the repetion of the last verse line and the line breaks thst helped set the voice. Very good job!
What a timeline..... Written with lots of feeling and insight. I enjoyed it very much.
excellent, excellent. Loved the passage of time shown through the actions / activities of the girl. Very moving.
Very nice. Your words painted pictures. :) The repetition is very effective. There's a nice rhythm here, though I might change some of the line breaks, but that could just be me. This is very sweet and well written. :)
This is absolutely awesome. I'm glad you shared it with us.
This is an excellent example of why I Love poetry! This is excellent!
I enjoyed this. creative and visual.
Pretty images of a girl growing up. I love the rocker as a symbol. Very nice.
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, and it choked me up more than a little. (That's a good thing). Oh my...
Any poem that has the empty nest as a theme chokes me up because as the mom of a teen "only" child, those days are not so far away now. The years pass swiftly; our blessings will move out and on to bless others. How we miss them! Your poem reminds me to enjoy the here and now.
Wonderfully creative piece with excellent descriptive words and flowing rhythm. Such a patient rocker, too! :) Great job!
Lovely poem; you did a wonderful job showing instead of telling.
Wonderfully nostalgic poem here. Good job.
Love the imagery of this, and how beautifully it flowed. Excellent stuff, my friend!
Lots of symbols, good flow. An enjoyable read.
What a wonderful walk through a girl's life! Beautiful.
A bitter-sweet poem filled with symbolism taken from the heart itself. Can/does it get any better than this?
Enjoyed this very much.
This flowed right smack into my heart -- love the image of the rocker waiting!
There's no crying in poetry! Oh, that's basbeball. Great job. God bless.
The story/message in this is beautiful. I love the form you used.
Oh, dear friend Pat, how did I ever miss this one?? It's truly beautiful. Yes, a real heart tugger written with the sound and power of true poetry! What a blessing you are!!
Achingly beautiful.