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A wonderful reminder of the ONE who is always there.
you almost look past the "I'm still here" lines ... the eyes just skip over them. But what a resounding promise and so well stated. This is very good.
I could hear God saying this. Good work.
Very moving. It should help us to remember the One we have set aside do often.
Great poem. I like the style and it has a wonderful message. He never fails us! He's always there, definitely!
This is just unbelievably moving--I'm touched and near tears. How absolutely perfect.
I could hear your heart. Very nice.
What a wonderful way to say He is still here, and waiting so patiently. Well done.
All of our shifting feelings for God and contrastly, His consistency, are reflected in your poem. I enjoyed reading it very much.
Tim, This is really lovely. I really like how the poem shifts and changes to parallel the aging of a person. Outstanding!
Awesome poety with an awesome message! Really good job!
I like how this poem puts so much focus on all Father has done for us, by the use of repetition. Great job!
I think The One repeated over and over again gave a feeling of the reality that there IS only One! Only One who is all those things to us and is always still here. Nice job.
Excellent use of repetition - extremely effective. This touched me in so many ways.
Moving, touching and so well written! Tissue please!
Amen and thank God He is always here! Well done. Thanks for sharing
The repitition makes the poem hard hitting. I can almost see this as a protest or a demand. Good job.
Wonderful! You captured God's consistancy (and so much more!!) as well as our journey. Love this!
I especially liked the repition of the title through out the poem as it added to its overall message and the fact that no matter the time or circumstances He is always still there.
You did an awesome job of making an outstanding point. Great work!
Second page or not...this certainly makes its message known! This is great. The repitition strengthens it very well and overall, I feel there's even more between the lines. Good job!