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This is so cool! Reminds me of a rap-hip-hop type of christian song I wrote. I really like this! God bless. Good job!
Wonderful message here. Really enjoyed reading this.
Would love to hear this put to music!
This is so clever! Very rhythmic and, well, rappish. I can virtually hear the vinyl slipping in the background and the mic'ed mouth sounds. Perfectly rendered rap (as far as this middle-aged country gal can tell!)
Wow! This is true rap. I can hear this being performed by a Christian artist! You need to investigate that. I would have never thought of such a thing. This is really good, great message too. Full of truth.
woo-hoo! another FW rap! I love it! Nice thing is that there is such truth behind these rap lyrics. Way to be bold! Well done!
Great job. I could see Toby Mac performing something like this.
Excellent. Love the message, could mostly follow the rhythm (I'm not a rap fan, so that may very well be a personal problem). However, not being a rap fan, I love this. There are many young people who are who need messages like this. Great job.
OK, so I'm really not much into rap but this is so cool! And the words were awesome (well, I guess if it was cool, the words would have to be the awesome part, since there's really no music involved, right? LOL). There definitely should be more raps like this one. Well done! (yeah!)
I'm not into rap, but I had to smile at your adaption of Proverbs 1-5 into rap. I really liked that last stanza, too.
Great job!
Excellently done! I believe the way this is presented has real appeal for the younger set, and though I haven't qualified for that in a loooooong time, I enjoyed it very much!
Very interesting. I'm one who thinks there is something to considering rappers of the recent years to be potential Psalters. I liked your adaptation and rhyming scheme, and was so glad to see you incorporate a repetitive verse (yeah). That verse felt out of date to me, but in the end, I was just glad you put it in.