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Lovely allegory. Forgive me, but I think the meter bumped once or twice. Great images and a good message.
I loved the image of clutching clouds. A lovely poem - I found it an easy read and very inspiring.
My favorite lines were:
Our faith is like the tiny seed
That grows in a hostile place.
If our roots are deeply set,
We will not be disgraced.
This was my favorite poem so far.
The snow white blooms of early spring.

I loved that line. Nice job. God bless.
very nice lesson, and an enjoyable read. Good job.
This is great. I loved it. One that has kept my attention to the end. Good work.
A story with depth and beauty. Having a horticultural background, I can relate.
I guess all of us have had "metric hiccups" to varying degrees, but this flowed well regardless.
Beautiful, hopeful poetry.
I like how your poem creates very specific word pictures; I could almost draw the images (if I had the talent to do it!). A charming poem.
Wonderful extended metaphor, like the parable of the seeds set to verse. Beautiful imagery--nice job!
Beautiful metaphor, I really appreciated this picture of our faith. Great job!
Oh, this is lovely, both the imagery and the message. I really liked this, and I mean that.
I like very much the history of the seed told in word pictures, and I also like the way you tied it to your message.
He truly does "restore our joy" thank you for these words of inspiration!
Very nice. Great message full of hope. Good job!
Beautiful allegory. So many wonderful lines.
A nice message.
A wonderful parable from the Bible aptly put to verse - great job.