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A clever contrivance (I mean that in the complimentary sense) to have the journey of the bonnet portray the stages of life. Beautiful imagery.
Loved your "lively" verbs and the kite tails. What a word picture!
I liked this piece ... the image of the bonnet, the stages of life, the final resting on the grave. Nicely done.
Your word choices are exquisite. I enjoyed the bonnet "ride".
Love the images here - so lovely and compelling and wonderful. Enjoyed this "journey" very much!
Very sweet. Great imagery. Good job.
This is very visual. Love the history of the bonnet, too. I really liked this a lot.
Lovely images. I like the word pictures in your poem very much. Gentle and nostalgic.
First of all, your hint just cracked me up...

Now for this charming poem...what lovely images, and the journey of the bonnet through this woman's life is a very charming touch! Sort of reminds me of the feather in "Forrest Gump." So nice!
Such a creative idea to follow the journey of a dancing bonnet! I enjoyed this... :)
What a clever idea to create the story of a life with a bonnet. You have some truly lovely word pictures here.
I recently had to say goodbye to a friend who spent a great deal of her life making "prayer bonnets". In each vintage-looking bonnet, she placed a prayer that went along to the recipient. You make me miss her very much.
Some nice imagery involved here. :)
You took me on an emotional ride on the bonnet's trip through time and place in Gram's life. I also loved the flow and rhythm throughout this poem. Well done!!!
Charming and beautiful!
You touch the heart once again with your imaginative writing. What pictures you paint!
Gorgeous word picture and a wonderfully evocative poem. Thanks for sharing it
I like the pictures you paint as the bonnet dances its way to its final resting place. Good job!
The images truly paint word pictures...nuf said.
I loved floating along the breeze with Gram's Bonnet. Well done.
This is charming and warmly written. I liked the use of the wind to show the ebb and flow of life - so creative and easy to be caught up in and carried away.
I love the imagery! Very creative indeed!
What a beautiful journey you've taken your reader on! This poem flows with the winds and currents of life itself. Wonderful!
Such a sweet, gentle poem. I felt like I was giding right along with Gram's bonnet. Well thought-out piece, nicely executed.