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What a great message in this deceptively simple poem. A powerful allegory; the technical part of the poem, as I expected, is flawless.
Wonderful ending! A great metaphorical poem! Good job.
Wow! I had a "mirror" experience as I read this. I enjoyed it very much.
Let me add a "ditto" to the above comments. Technically strong and powerfully written in a simple, sweet tale.
Wow, powerful last line.
Wonderful example of how the Lord looks on us. Good job.
I love this. Such a wonderful message.
This is eerily good -- the allegory is amazing. I got the chills thinking about how many times my Father warned me, and how many times I didn't listen.

Wonderful poem. (And I love it being short.) :)
Great! A very touching poem.
Good insight/allegory. How like a child we are. Nice writing.
I love how this is concise and yet packed with meaning. You vividly illustrated our Heavenly "Papa's" unfailing sorrow and compassion for His children.
Such a painful message in such tender tiny hands ... loved the 'stubborn chin.'

Profound, deep and lovely. Loved the flow and the perfect breaks with word choices.

Is it odd we both wrote about little daughters? ;)
A poem that stayed with me long after I read it the first time. True to life for kids and parents, and all of God's sometimes stubborn children!
Wow! Awesome message in this wonderful piece! I'm glad our Father bathes our blistered hearts when we touch poison, too! :)
Great metaphor - I love it when an "everyday" event can be applied to our relationship with Father.
Wonderful symbolism. I never would have guessed this was yours! I don't know why but I am completely suprised. I really enjoyed it. I love the more simple poems.
I love the innocence of the child that you captured here. I also love the symbolisnm in the temptation. While it's a tad embarrassing for me to admit, I really don't quite understand everything you are saying, though. Everyone else seems to, so it's probably just me.
This is really a lovely poem. You did a great job. You shouldn't be unhappy with it.
Your final sentence clinches the whole poem beautifully.
Oh, did that last line get me! You put the whole poem in a new perspective. Good job.
WOW! You guide the reader through the story and with the last line turn their thoughts upward! A powerful message!
This one really packed a punch, didn't it? Wonderfully crafted piece-beautifully executed. Loved it.
Simple and sweet. I don't think it's a stinker at all. Thanks for sharing it
A strong tight poem. Well presented. Thanks.
So good! It's sweet yet it packs a whallop!
Gutsy last line. Great poem.
You hit the nail on the head. We are all like little Megan with her stubborn chin. Great message!
Perfection! Absolutely wonderful. So very skillfully written. This is poetry at its best! Loved it, Jan!
This was great. There is so much going on in what felt like very few words. I suppose that is what "tight writing" is all

Beautiful and endearing. What a correlation too.Great job. Thank you for your insight and your kind comments, including my latest challenge talking about nature,the walk in the woods and the insight of a very young one one winter morn. God bless your gifts, you are truly amaxzing in your writing and your testimony of perseverance through tragedy is very encouraging hon. Hugs in Christ, Janice