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Love the light-hearted way the message is presented in this piece. It really does make you feel wonderful when you do something for others, doesn't it?
Good meter, good rhyme, good poem.
Loved how you shone a light on the secret corners of ALL of our hearts...... Especially loved the line where you brought in about God's will.... That was excellent!!!! Way to go!
I liked this ... and the message is soooo true! Good work!
Have you been in my closets? LOL! I can relate and you are so right, it is so much better to give. Great message that should be received well because it's not an "I told you so" but you've used yourself as the teaching tool. Great job! Great poetry too!
I agree with Cassie...I think you have been in my closets or my whole house. Makes ME want to have one of those "sales". Thanks for the "better to give than to receive" reminder!
I really liked this.
Hey, I can really relate to this, sorry to say. Even the point about Central Illinois outlet malls. Hey, I'm here in Central Illinois! Wanna go shopping? er, I mean, wanna have a garage sale? You've touched my conscience with this neat little poem. Good work!
Bravo. Well written, pretty consistent rhyme scheme and a message near and dear to my heart. God bless!
You know how to hit a girl where it hurts. I have an attic full of "stuff."

Thanks for the thoughts. Love this.
I liked this soooo much.I had thought until the very end that your earnings from the sale of your stuff was going to buy you more stuff to ultimately sell.I guess that would have been my story to write :-))) Great job and God bless your learned heart.
Good meter and rhyme! Intersting topic and cute delivery.
Well done! Great message, nice rhyme and rhythm pattern. Light, but full of truth.
This nicely written poem shows a person growing up in body and in heart and soul.
Very good poem here on the love of giving instead of receiving. Often we are greedy and waste money that others could eat on. God help us.
I love how lighthearted this is - yet what a message you hit us with! Very effective.