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Yo Yo, Dog! Really unique and a great message. I could the beat-boxing!
This is very good. It would help to somehow separate who is speaking each time. Maybe italics for one speaker? But the message is very good and well taken.
Yo, Bro! Let the drums roll.
It's a hit for sho'!
I love it! Faithwriters Rap! good work! This is a keeper!
Great rap, great message. You and another rapper here should sell your pieces to a Christian rapper. Awesome!
I can't stand rap...LOVED THIS! Good work! Great message!
I love this. Livin' in Mimphus, I can relate.

Great job.
Thanks for a rap that I could listen to!
Amusing but a wonderful message contained in an unusual way. Thanks for sharing it
What a fun voice - and that last line is an absolute keeper. I'm sure you enjoyed writing this one.
I liked the boldness of going with a rap theme, the commentary and message in the article, as well as Scriptural references without all the details. Nice work. My suggestion with it being a 'rap' would be to include a chorus and to string the lines together in a different scheme. The piece went start to finish, but I felt the art of the piece itself was only just beginning.
Oh, wow! That's really making things understandable.
Flat out kewl. A fun way to say a tribute to the Father. Thanks.
Fantastic in every way!
Personally, I don't like/understand rap...but this piece just might help change my mind.
Great message in lyrical form and oh so creative.
Fun and wonderful at the same time.
Oh Al ... I should have known this was yours the first time around.

Enjoyed it even more the second ... I think it's a classic!
So obviously I was grabbed by the title, but somehow thought that it wouldn't be actual rappin' So all I can say is..."Yo piece was whack, straight up off da heezie fo shizzle"...which loosely translated means...That was a really exceptional poem comprised of poignant expressions and meaningful messages. :)