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A wonderful story - I was engaged from beginning to end. Great characterization.
Nice ending. I love the angel and I really like that the MC found a family. Very nice message of hope. And for a refreshing change of pace - no aliens, spacecraft or planets. LOL
This is very touching and comforting. Thank you!
Oh wow--I love the little angelic bit at the end!

The coincidence seemed a bit too convenient for me, but that's just personal taste.

As always, wonderful writing, and I especially appreciate your both progresses the plot and helps us to know your characters. Excellent.
Beautiful! A little teary-eyed after something so moving. The coincidence is just perfect here. I kind of guessed it was coming, but I didn't guess how wonderfully you would weave it in. Excellent writing. ^_^
Great stroy ... great ending. I enjoyed the read.
What a powerful imagination you have! This is the sort of sci-fi I can enjoy (I don't care for the space-alien variety one bit!)
Your explanation of the futuristic technology sounds completely plausible. But, technology without human interaction would be too sterile for my interest.
This shines, especially, because there is a human-interest purpose for "Catching the Past."
What a wonderful concept! Almost believable and I like that in Scifi.

And I loved this one. The progression, dialogue ... everything.
Good story line, well written.
I really enjoyed this. I thought the ending may go a different way, but that's what made the ending even better. Excellent job. A wonderful story to read. Hopeful.
Beautiful story. I was caught in the man's pain, and the joy of finding a brother-in-law he never met.
This is awesome! The last line made me teary. I hope it wins.
Oops. I should have said the next to the last paragraph about the angels catching the baby made me teary.
You have a wonderful story here, well plotted and very tender.
Wow! What an imaginative and touching story with a wonderful ending! Great job! :)
Bill, this is fantastic. I had toyed with an idea that I've longed to capture: playing a DVD at a funeral of the loved one's entrance to Heaven. I just couldn't figure out how to do it. You've done it....and made it look effortless. I was awestruck and yearned to jump ahead in the story. If it'd been a book, I'd have probably read the last few pages first. Outstanding!