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Totally remarkable! Loved the title. How did you manage to write poetry and leave shapes? It's beyond me! To think that this could have been in Romance as well. it sure would have stuck out. There's something magical about the world's oldest emotion, love, with a backdrop of moons and lunar dust. Amazing, innovative, evocative....what's more to say? Well done!
Oops! There's something else to say: what a clever way to set the date in a copyright. It totally took me aback as I thought, why does it have a copyright? Your innovation leaves me speechless!
I love this poem It's beautiful to read again and again. The rhythm and rhyme, as well as the ideas, are captivating.
Oh, I love everything about this--the message, the spacial pattern, the poem itself. Good job.
Beautiful! I love it. The format is an especially nice touch, the words bring some wonderful pictures and memories to mind. Thanks for sharing such good writing!
Enjoyed this very much - great imagery
Congratulations, Kenn! I loved this poem and had just read it, aloud, again, to my husband last night. Love is love, in any century. This should be published outside of Faithwriters. This was a well deserved win!!!
Congratulations - a well deserved win! Angel
This is good. Enjoyed it. Congrats on the win.
WOW! Top-notch writing with such an other-worldly feel! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!! :)
Kenn can do no wrong. This is an amazing sci fi poem. Congratulations! :)
A belated "Congratulations", Kenn, on another exceptional poem that is also tops in creativity. You never cease to amaze me with your gift!
Beautiful poem, like so many that you write, Kenn...