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So creative - definitely not enough words allowed to do this one justice. I'd LOVE more on the bookstore owner, and the others who went up the stairs. This could be a book series - and you should write it! Wonderful.
I liked this as a prologue to a series, or the opening chapter/scene to each book in a series - it had that feel. What I like best was the use of words and mechanics of the author here; inserting powerful words into the text about words and their powers and controlling long, complex sentences (esp. in Par #2) and knowing how to end a paragraph with a four word stinger of a sentence. Nicely done.
Oh I LOVE this! Awesome idea, story and characters. I really, really enjoyed the read. I wish there was more room to know all about it. A book or series maybe? I would love to know what happens to Seth, the idea of the bookstore and the staircase. Wonderful. Very creative stuff here.