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Neat idea, and not beoynd thebounds of future probability, I suspect. For me, it fell a little flat at the end - I wanted a twist, or a climax or seomthing. A fun read, though.
Fun story, very facinating. I agree that I would have enjoyed a twist or conflict in the story, but very creative idea.
I liked this! Very sci-fi. The thought intrigues me of e-mail without the keyboard. lol. Very creative and well done. I enjoyed it.
I really liked the story - it ranged from intriguing to funny to a good example of a beginning to a story on sci-fi. My only recommendation would be to make this happen in the year 2107, or even 2057. I was waiting for a problem to arise, but almost like the patience in the ending. It didn't just need that one twist or bit, it needed 10 chapters of action and drama to build upon and quench the satisfaction desired. How it is, it stands on its own for me as a reader as a cool concept begun by a gifted writer.
I hope, I hope, I hope this never comes to pass! It's hard enough to teach teenagers with their iPods permanently in their ears...Great story, creative concept. If you add more to it, definitely let your readers see more of the implant at work, and then its dark side.