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This is beautiful. It doesn't fit the topic though, so I'm wondering if it was meant for the inspirational topic and didn't get submitted quite on time. At least we still get to enjoy it!
Hmmm, just realized this wasn't the first one submitted, so am thinking I must have missed something topic-wise. Angels did the healing, right? Hmmm, I'll have to think on it some more. Sure is pretty poem, though.
A wonderful poem - it would be perfect for the coming challenge!
Beautiful...absolutely beautiful. Reads like an out-of-body experience with God's healing grace. I loved every verse. I think it fits the topic.
An out-of-body experience in an out-of-earth place...sounds like it could be science fiction. It is, in any case, a beautiful poem.
Very nice. Would work well for this week. I love daffodils, this is a new light to see through them. I did kind of miss the sci-fi part though mayhap I am just dense. Good job! ^_^
I really like that last stanza. I've always loved daffodils, so I appreciated your choice of flower!
I would suggest that you add punctuation, to make this poem easier to read.
Good job! Keep up the good work!
A lovely poem! Daffodils are truly special flowers. ;-)
If this is a testimonial - I rejoice with you in God's healing grace. Beautiful poem written by a truly grateful heart.