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Wonderful look at the inside story of the birth of Christ. Yes, the debate rages for some. But not for the rest of us. Well done.
A good base for an historical piece! I especially liked the child, using an uppercase C and the picture of Him playing like a child. The fragrance on His hands and His puzzlement and Mary, Joseph's reaction was just "fine writing!"
Quite fascinating to me - your details made this wonderful story even more so. Very rich and interesting and detailed. Great characterization!
I enjoyed this fresh narrative on a familiar story. I especially enjoyed the emphasis you placed on the star. Awesome!
I enjoyed the freshness you wove into the details of the "Morning Star." History at its finest!
The "toddler Jesus" bit is just so, so appealing! I wanted more, more of that! I'm not sure if you need the prologue, it seems that the heart of the matter was the interlude with the Magi.

Wonderful writing, as always.
This would be an easy one (for me) to tell rather than show but you showed this so well I felt like I was there. The descriptions and verbs were so strong. This is one compelling read!
Wonderful!! Enjoyed every word!
This is a "precious" piece and I don't use that word often. It was tenderly written and I loved every bit of it. Kudos.
I enjoyed this a lot. Your entries are always so well written. Great job.
I never thought about the visit of the magi restoring the honour that had been lost - good point. And a lovely picture. I shudder to think of a baby or toddler playing with myrrh, but it works well. Great writing!
Insightful and written with an eye to perfection.
I love the way you wrote of this blessed event. Wonderfully written!
I think this was good. It was a little confusing with the wise men and the three ... and then bethlehem. Maybe add something in the middle for a larger separation and then continue? Just a thought, otherwise, this a was a new look and I liked the thought that Joesph hugged her more often even in spite of. Very nice.
Loved the child Christ in this. And the forshadowing of the Cross. But most of all the allusion to His creativity. :-) yeggy