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It would take a sharper eye than mine to find anything to complain about in this piece. Well done.
This was excellent but I needed a footnote to tell me of what this historical event was. Did this person go on and do something she is remembered for?

It was so well written and it kept my attention easily.
A slice of history showing the everday struggles some of our ancestors had to go through. How brave and convicted that must have been. How fortunate for us that they were. Great piece of writing!
Extremely visual and engaging. I can't think of anything to critique on. This is so compelling.
Rigorous critique encouraged, eh? Wish I could be more helpful. I think it is great. Excellent sense of place. Wonderful job!
Flawless! You delivered a superb story!
What a wonderful character you have created! We really feel as if we know this dear young woman by the end of the story. Superb.
Can't think of anything to change. I like the MC and especially the end where she's able to teach the children. It was pretty interesting to have the captain twirling a watch too. Nice touch.
This story is good. Well written and I like the happy ending. At least as happy as it can be under the circumstances.