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Great story and vivid descriptions. I definitely found myself in the moment of the chase and hunt and couldnt wait for the conclusion. The ending was very nice in that it had both a high and low to it due to the kindred spirit exhibited by the two tortured and tormented Solomons. An interesting sacrifice element there as well with Solomon the dog leaving Solomon the man to presumably escape while he would return to the master for another lashing. Some very nice lines and alliteration sprinkled in there as well. Nice job.
So very visual and engaging. You did an amazing job of putting me right in the middle of the action. Wonderful ending.(and I think you fit the topic fine!)
You dropped me right into the middle of the action. Great imagery, and quite touching as well. This piece clearly shows the strong bond btween animals and people.
It think this fits pretty good. I like both Solomons and was really hoping that Solomon the dog wouldn't give the other one away. Your descriptions were superb, especially with the sliver of moon that you referred to throughout the story, this, in a sense made it more real. A very suspenseful read! ^_^
Somebody save the dog! LOL! This is a wonderful piece. I was rooting for both Solomons. You have a marvelous way of wording things. Like the gentle sway of poetry. You capture little nuances, details that I can never seem to do. I love it when a writer can write a whole story about a few minutes in time. It's something I haven't mastered, but you did it here and it's wonderful. You had this reader right there in the barn with them. I am glad you wrote this piece. I loved it.
Wow! Loved it. The comparison of both Solomons, though entirely different species, are actually the same. Very insightful. Great work!
Some of the most descriptive and moving paragraphs I've read. I really enjoyed and was impressed when the two solomons met. Very masterful and professional. Way Kool! Great job. God bless.
What a wonderful, terrible story to contemplate...the descriptions are beautiful and flow so well with the narrative. The only problem I have with this is that I can't seem to stop worrying about poor Solomon the dog, lol!
Your writing is both evocative and tender on a deep emotional level. It touches the very soul. Wonderful insights throughout this piece.
Wow! I held my breath until the end. I loved how you wove the two voices together so smoothly and seamlessly. Excellent! :-)
Great imagery, especially with the moon. I loved the ending as both are staring at one another. Simply amazing!
Creative and moving..a story and message I will not soon forget. Blessings and keep writing for Him!
Artfully written, quite lovely.
This was so good I've already chosen you the winner so I'll just pack my little tin dishes and go home! LOL
No kidding, it's a lovely piece and your attention to detail is awfully good! Kudos.
Very visual and well written story. Great job.
I loved this story and way you brought it to life with your writing. Awesome work!
What an innovative take on the subject of slavery. It was very imaginative to take a dog and a man, slaves to the same rod, and have a late night showdown. This was a tremendous piece of writing!
Congratulation on your 1st Place winning. Fantastic & unique...loved it!
so very good! Congrats!
Awesome and moving piece!!! Congrats on your well deserved first place! :)
This was a delightful story, very moving...well deserving of first glad to see how the winners stand out!
Absolutely wonderful! I felt captured by the story and by its characters. Congrats... you deserve it!
I can see how you won--this is excellent!