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This is absolute quality. It brought tears to my eyes. Great message wrapped in a wonderfully told story.
I was going to pick out some of my favourite sentences and phrases, but then I realised I'd have to quote the whole thing. Beautifully, tenderly written - and the ending gave me a lump in my thoat.
This really touched me. The lady hanging out her clothes reminded me of my own mother doing that when I was a little girl. What a perfect ending, too.
The writing is sophisticated and shows much matruity ( in writing, not age!)
You really have a gift for authentic dialogue and placing the reader right in the story and setting. Oh to get to this level of writing!I can't find a thing to correct or critique. and that's the honest truth!
This is exactly what my grandmother did during the Depression. She never turned any man away, even though she had 7 kids to feed. She told me the Lord would provide for her to share what little she had. (They never knew she washed their dishes with boiling water -- just in case one of them had TB or the flu). Well done.
Excellent! Top notch story and writing!
Wonderful description - I truly felt like I was there. And what a story! Excellent.
This was beautiful and endearing - I am so gratefull for the kind people of yesterday and of today. We call can use the TLC garnered from this story and pass it on.
Nice ending.
I don't know what more I can add to the glowing comments you've already received, but I couldn't bear to exit without saying how much I liked your story. It had every necessary element, including deep longing of the protagonist. I felt compassion for the woman, but agony for the poor old man and even though it wasn't possible, wished she could have provided a permanent home for him.
This is really beautiful.
Wonderful. Moving. I could feel her loneliness and the heartache for her son. Excellent writing!
This is so beautifully written, it reminds me of the many stories my mom told me of the depression era. Now I need a tissue.
Outstanding! You've texturized real grace. Historical drama not about history but about people. Outstanding!
High quality story telling with a heartwarming message that loosens the tear ducts some. Thank you also for your encouraging comments on my entries.
I thought you were going to end it slightly different! I thought she was going to want the hoboes to come by so she could ask them about her son. ;)

Good ending! And wonderful writing that touches deep.
I agree with all the others that this is definitely a two-box tissue read. It's so well done that I'm tempted to plagurize but even then I couldn't come close! Beautifully done!
I LOVED this sweet,poignant story! The Great Depression was a time like no other and often brought out the best as well as the worst in people. My favorite lines were "The congregation of my little church dwindles weekly, desperation stealing fathers and sons away from this hopeless place. They are not searching for Something Better, but for Anything At All. The American Dream that roared through the last decade has become a nightmare." The ending was so touching and so perfect! Excellent, excellent piece! :)
I liked your ending as it was more realistic. Great job!
Wonderful story. I liked the way each hobo let the others know of kindness.
Just perfect from the title to the dialogue and the sweet message I won't soon forget.
Very well written and interesting story. High quality writing as usual.
Just gorgeous. I love being whisked into a different time and place (from the comfort of my chair!) and you've done that very successfully. Thanks.
Your story is so touching. Each detail adds life to the vivid picture you have painted for us. Very nice!
Such a wonderful, wonderful story. I absolutely loved it! A great character sketch and a wonderful ending. It really touched my heart. Thanks for sharing it
Oh Jan, you are such a master. I love this story! Your characters live and breathe for me. Awesome job.
This reminds me of an "American Girl" story. A bittersweet note to it, but a common strand. Wonderful writing, I loved this piece!
I so enjoyed your story. I felt so intertwined in the story I wanted to turn the page! Great Writing!
As stated above, I have no other comments to make. Truly a wonderfully written story, done with great skill and grace. I enjoyed this very much.
Truly a winner in this category for me! You always come through, no matter the genre.
I just added this to my favorites. This is so rich with character, drama, history, heart and more that I hope I can one day soon hold a copy of your book of short stories in my hands. Thank you, too, for your comments on my historical entry. I am always honored to see your name, and especially appreciated what you wrote this time.
The last line literally made me well up. Perfect and powerful in its simplicity, and completely evocative. Beautiful.