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This is going to be a fun genre to read - I had forgotten this chilling story. Well told. Thanks.
What a fascinating, well-written story! It would have worked for the Mystery genre, as well! I'd never heard of the word "squall" used as the name of a small boat, so I learned a new word, too! :) I really enjoyed reading this! Good job!
I love it! Mystery, intrigue, unanswered questions. No suggestions from me. I love watching this stuff on Discovery, etc. Thanks for feeding my appetite for this sort of thing. I enjoyed it!
Very mysterious... and you told it well, kept my attention.
I had never heard this story - absolutely fascinating. If this weren't historical, I'd say it had been the rapture! Very vivid writing.
I was unfamiliar with this piece of history. You captured my interest from the very beginning and kept until the last sentence. Great dialogue! I felt as if I was actually on board ship. Good story. Many thanks!
Fascinating story. Great job bringing it to life!
This is an excellent piece and it reads almost like a movie script. You did an outstanding job "painting the scene" and I was impressed by the believability due to the correct use of "shipboard" items and dialogue.
Wonderful job. Such a great story and you brought it alive with crisp dialogue using realistic (not overdone) dialect and built a good aura of mystery. Well done.
Masterfully written, held my attention.
Oooh, spooky! This reminds me of one of those bermuda triangle stories. You did a good job with layering the suspense and keeping the dialouge real. I especially liked the sentence with "Vanished? But she's seaworthy!" A typical and fitting response. Great writing! (glad to see you in masters!)