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This was really beautiful, and inspired me to find that secret place for myself again. Thank you.
Sweet communion in the "prayer closet". How wonderful and encouraging it is.
I wonder if this is who I think it is :) Regardless, this is absolutely magical and holy. It sent chills up my spine. I smell a winner (LOL though I'm rarely good at guessing them!).
WOW Wowow! So beautiful!!! That just so beautifully describes what our time with the Lord should be like and can be like every time! a favourite of mine for sure!
Love the concept of the "weary feet" contrasted with the "spirit-lifted feet" after the worship time. Wonderful touch.
Beautiful and inspiring... how precious is our time with Him. Blessings, Cheri
Beautifully wondrous is His majesty which calls us to Him in intimate communion -- the experience you've described so well. Isn't He wonderful?
Soooo good! I was there with you and when you said your hands never seem to reach high enough I found someone like myself. Worship. It's so important! Thank you.
Can there ever be any place better than what you've described here. Wonderful job, great devotional - thank-you for sharing your heart.
You painted a perfect picture of entering His thorne room, where we find His mercy and His grace. Thank you for this reminder of the importance of time alone with Him!
A beautiful devotional that brings us to our knees like an innocent child. I needed this, and I thank you for the offering you have given to my heart on this, God's Holy Sabbath Day. God Bless.
Sally, I'd love to use this piece for the Front Page Showcase for the week of Feb. 11. Look for it on the FW home page!
These is so much to consider in this beautifully written piece. Congrats on being the FW Frontpage Showcase author with this.
that is awesome. Makes me want to lock the office door, go home, go into my room and worship!!
Had a rough day so that was truly a reminder of how God loves us coming to Him anytime!
Thank you
Lisa Smith
Just lovely, Sally. I wonder whose I thought this was back in May? LOL Definitely fitting for the front page. Congrats :)