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This started beautifully. I found the solution to be not quite as strong, though. Still, lovely story.
A wonderfully written story. God answers prayer. I liked the verse used here.
Excellent story of doing what we that she gave the dog a home.
Very touching. I'm happy the lady took the dog. They really did need each other. Thanks for a very good read.
I don not think I have ever been as impressed as I am with this story. It is beautiful. One of my top five favorites here, ever. Nothing "wow" or gimmicky here, just great writing and crafting. No beginning, middle or end, just a perfect unit, great flow, voice, tempo.
Masterful. And destined to be published and enjoyed elsewhere. This is why I love to read. It's writing like this that inspires me to write. God bless Faith Writer!
What a moving story. Well done.
Excellent description, and so heart-wrenching. I was with this woman from the first word to the last.
This is a very touching story. Great Job!
What a lovely story, and filled with emotion that could be felt. Great job!
In a word: wonderful! And now I've added a new word to the gifts of the Holy Spirit - Watchful. If was her gift and you've shown how it can so well be used.
Great writing!
This is wonderful. Beautiful writing. So easy to read, and flows nicely. What a great message -- we're all useful in God's plan. Great, great job.
Your first paragraph is stunning. Simply wonderful writing.
A very touching and lovely story. I hope it's true. Thanks for sharing it
I'm so glad I read this! Watching my mother go through that "I'm old and useless" feeling has been tough-I think I'll run this off and give it to her. Thanks for brightening my day!
Aww! This was cute and kind of sad at the same time. I could really feel for Alice, thinking she was useless. I thought she was taking in a young guy though and not a dog, but maybe I just missed the definition somewhere. Great story! ^_^
Beautiful, inspirational and wonderfully written!
Wow. What a beautifully moving story. This brought tears to my eyes as the universal theme of loneliness so masterfully touched my heart--and I'm not considered an "old" lady yet! Keep up the great work! You inspired me!