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Very lovely poetry. Good pov.
Very nice.
I love light and color so was drawn to your piece by the title! This well-written poem has a powerful message and got me to thinking! We need to both absorb light and reflect it! Great job! :)
I enjoyed this lesson on color and light, especially the fact that it is in rhyming format. Nice job!
Just lovely and beautiful - with an academic lesson to boot! This flowed beautifully, and was perfectly visual.
Well, I took that physics class, too, but it sure wasn't taught that way. Talk about a paradigm shift - seeing it from this angle, things take on not only a whole new color but new dimensions as well. Great job!
This is such an incredibly well-written poem with an even greater message!!

My ONLY complaint--With all the color words used here, I was hoping to finally find a word that rhymes with orange, but I see the author bypassed that challenge. :)
This poem is definitely going into my favorites! One of my favorite lines was, "Like all creations in this world, each living soul reflects
A hue determined by the light it chooses or rejects."
This poem was truly a blessing to read.
"The heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament sheweth forth His handiwork."
Now it's up to the Children of Light to explain the significance of it.
You've done that brilliantly, and in rhyme.