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I simply can't write how much this touched me. It's as if you dragged the words out of my own heart, and wrote them much better than I could ever hope to. Thank you.
Wonderful letter to a hurting daughter. very inspiring.
Your verses were perfect, and your message amazingly heartwrenching and clear (I love those verses from Habakkuk especially!). Excellent.
Truly inspiring!
The idea of a God who weeps with us, and laughs with us, and shares all the good and not-so-pleasant moments with us, is a hard one to get our minds wrapped around. You've done a great job in expressing that truth.
Absolutely Beautiful!
This touched the very core of my being. I felt like my mom was sending me a letter -- from heaven. (I cried and cried reading this.)

Very well written. Very inspirational.
Oh, my goodness. This is amazing. It touched my heart on so many levels. Goose bumps galore. Excellent!
This touched me, too!
Beautifully written & straight from the heart.
Beautiful sentiment of faith and hope. I liked the way you tied in the Bible references as they were so appropriate for the setting and easy to relate to. Thank-you for sharing.
You touched my heart on so many levels! Beautiful and filled with wisdom!