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This is so very touching. You've captured what it is like dealing with Alzheimer's patients. My own father had Alzheimer's, and I can see a lot of him here. I can't emphasize enough how we should honor and respect our seniors. We never know when one of them may be taken from us, either by the Lord or through a devastating disease. This was a remarkable piece. I happen to like the name of your MC, too. ;0)
The ending made me teary.
The ending made me sob... How sad that romance, bright with promise, can sometimes come to this end. Alzheimer's is such a tragic illness, watching loved ones slip away and become imprisoned in the lost places in their minds. And true love stays by the side of its lost loved one, like in the movie: The Notebook. True love stays, for better or for worse, like my dad watching my mom die from her battle with cancer. You have truly captured the essence and heart of true love and romance with this piece. Thanks for sharing, Cheri
This caught my eye because my nickname is Sparrow. This story is beautiful and heartbreaking all at the same time. Well-written.
Well done. The importance of making memories with our loved ones hits home because none of us knows what our furutes hold.

My grandmother had alzheimers, and that was hard to see. How much more difficult that would be to experience with the love of your life.
I was very touched by the sons' love, evident at the anniversary party. Heartbreaking, and beautifully written.
This is a very well written piece capturing so many emotions. I like the many layers here. Very good!
You told this story so well. It really was heartbreaking because it seemed so real.
This is absolutely beautiful. (It's hard to write through my tears.) I felt every emotion from your first sentence. Very good writing.
The sentiment in your piece is stunningly beautiful. So well written. Loved it!
Congratulations on your EC placement!
CONGRATULATIONS on your well-deserved EC win! This is such a lovely, but heart-rending story. Excellent writing!
Congratulations on your EC win! Such a wonderful story and a beautiful tribute to your in-laws! Blessings, Cheri
You almost got me to cry with this entry - almost - which says a lot.
I'm glad that I'm finally at liberty to comment on your beautiful story. You handled this angle on the topic so well. Congratulations!
This story carries volumes of subtext. Such as, love for a lifetime, growing old together, living out the wedding vows - in sickness and in health. I could imagine them exchanging their wedding vows. You left just enough space for the reader to color between the lines while providing the factual effects of Alzheimer's disease. The illustration of the sparrow demonstrates the vulnerability of an Alzheimer patient and God's good care over them. Congratulations. Excellently written.