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Points for creativty here. I really like the ending and the flower comparisons. Nicely done.
I LOVE your title and how you have captured the very essence of vulnerabilities that can glue or unglue relationships. Great work. Very creative approach. Blessings, Cheri
Very creative! I love the letter/column format. Your title hints at an entirely different scenario, but you tie it all together very nicely with 'Alice'. I can see lots of other letters pouring asking for her sage advice. I especially liked the touch at the end with the flowers. Just something about it that makes me smile. Very well done! ^_^
Great title, creative structure, really entertaining, and the masterfulness of it is that you help us to feel as if we know this woman, without a single word being told from her POV. Wow!

What does the DV at the end mean?
I really enjoyed this. The title was great and I liked how you tied it in with the story at the end. I also liked the manner in which you conveyed information about Janet through the letters as it was effective. The advice seemed realistic especially the bit about the type of flowers to get her. Nice job!
I want to know more...Does the rubber hammer work?? I like how this is presented with a good message. The DV brought back lots of memories, as that's how my dad used to write about his plans in all his letters to me!
Interesting the way you built-in good sound advice into a romance.
Definitely creative - and I enjoyed the advice, and the letter format. Enjoyed this!
This would make a great romantic devotional! ;) And every man should read it. :)Yes - great structure and voice. And like Jan said - we got to know someone without even meeting her! Kudos on your writing!
This was amazing, one of my favorites. I loved the format, the creativity and the lesson you presented wtih the glass walls and rubber hammers. I loved this!