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Love it! A little conflict gives the story that lovely "punch" any romance needs.
Very nice. I really liked the humor in it, too!
This is so sweet, just the right amount of humor, and it felt contemporary (using the cell phone picture). Really well done!
Growly? Grapey? I love adding to my vocabulary. LOL.
Creative and lively(sp?). Very well written (Super voice), tight with some humor, and oh yes, Romantic in a Pet Lovers kind of way. And Tony's happens to be my favorite Italian restaurante (Bonus Points:)
Constructive comment: I think a few red balloons, and a Rhino would have helped:)
God bless.
Delightful romance!
Very cute, and a brilliant name for a dog.
"La Bella Notte" indeed! Did I pick up an up-coming romance in the future, Maltese meets Maltese! Great Story!
One of my favorites of yours--you just can't go wrong with a story that starts with the words "Mr. Growly Pants." This was charming from first to last.
I really enjoyed this. Great romantically intriguing title and a engaging story. I loved the Lady and the Tramp reference (I got it before you said and how you resolved the drama/tension. Great job!
I enjoyed this from beginning to end. Great job.
I liked it! It was very cute and original. I also liked the reference to Lady and the Tramp too!
You snagged me with the opening words "Mr. Growly Pants" I laughed so hard my grandmother was like "What is going ON?"

Loved it, especially the reference to Lady and the Tramp.
Awww! Cute! I'm glad the 'other woman' turned out to be a cute someone, possibly for Mr. Growly Pants, extremely creative name! ^_^
What a relief that the 'other woman' is a dog. You really had me worried for a moment there.
Romance and conflict! Gets me every time. I love a good lovers' quarrel. Nice going.
Fun, sweet, and cute! Love the conflict!
Fufn, fun, fun! Again, I'm a sucker for a story with animals. This was adorable.
Enjoyed reading the lighter side of romance. Very creative tieing in the animal world and the fantasy of Disney.
This was good! I loved the drama, the romance, the dogs, and the food of course. I can't think of anything I'd change on this one, it was great!
Mr. Growly Pants???
Sorry just had to read it one more time before I go to sleep. Anytime I've needed a chuckle this week I've pulled up this story. I love coming up with great, memorable names in stories, but yours is the best. God bless.