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This is well done as I have fallen into traps of sorts just like Marilyn thinking I needed to earn my husband's love. The way he made that point was so excellently written. The products were hysterical, as were the potential customers, right back to the ex boyfriend from 1969. Great!
Ooh, I love the $5 survey thing -- mainly because I got duped by that too. (Luckily, the Viagra has not yet arrived.) It's fun, and healthy, to laugh at ourselves.
This is not only funny - but precious. Great spots of 'funny' - great message to boot. I really enjoyed reading this! Most funnist visual? The toilet scene. ;)
Too true! Close to the bone. Made me smile. Very visual. yeggy
Made me giggle and smile which I desperately needed! Loved the visuals of the character stuck by the toilet and the boyfriend left on the pier - quirky and fun! Blessings, Jo
I love the vivid description throughout this - and definitely a fun read.
What a fun read! I do believe my very own parents tried their hand at selling those cleaning supplies and yes I do think their still trying to used it all up.

You captured my attention from beginning to end, along with my laughter!! This was definitely a fun read!!
A very enjoyable read :)
ps -I've actually gotten some money from some of those surveys, but nobody's sent any pills yet. But, we did get a free pack of diapers and wipes :)
I accidentally skipped right over this delightfully funny entry. What a great laugh! Excellent writing!
Very cute...Marilyn is awfully familiar, though. I think someone I know might know her...not mentioning any names, though. :)
So our duping wasn't with cleaning products... it was with insurance. What a nightmare. But our "friends" sold the other -- classic line: I can't tell you over the phone, but if we could meet... Funny! And I loved when your MC learned the lesson about love from her dear husband. Thanks, Cheri