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Nice set up in the beginning, good "vows" from the pastor. Loved descriptions of the surroundings, they really added to the story.
Had me smiling. Amusing look at the role of bride and groom. Loved the vows. (Think I might have been tempted to ask the minister why didn't you cover this in premarital class?) yeggy
I love your flair for details! Beautiful descriptions ...loved the truth in the - only thing I noticed is I think you meant "quiet" instead of quite. I'm not sure how overly humorous it was but I can't wait to see how you do for romance!! Very good writing!!
As a representative of the male gender who has 33 years invested in a marriage I can affirm the accuracy of the vows. Especially the lost keys and other articles.

With regard to wedding planning I contend that weddings are simple affairs that only require three things. The groom says "I do" the bride says "I do" and the preacher says "You are." All done and legal, but my wife and daughter disagreed and I ended wearing tights and a sword at my daughters Renaissance Wedding...but when things go wrong the writer in me loves them. When a plan comes together it is boring. Thanks for sharing, I liked your story.
How sweet, and funny. Wonderful memories here.
You packed alot of details and humor into "750", and message in the midst of the humor is sooo true!
I loved the pun about the geese adding their fowl opinion. This would be great material for a couples retreat or a Valentine's Banquet.