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Marvelous! Loved the reference to "spiritual obesity." An enjoyable read!
I thought this was quite cute. As many times as I have heard someone's cell phone ring in church it has never come from beneath the pastor's belly. I like your quirky character a lot. Blessings!
I loved how you developed the pastor here and although the wife and congregation were secondary, in this short word span you still made them alive as well. Very enjoyable and a great object lesson for sure!
I love the character you created with the preacher. You could do a whole series about him.
I loved the fact that the cell phone was under his belly the whole time. I kept wondering why no one offered to phone him in hopes of it ringing but that wouldn't be funny. You tied this together well. Thanks for the laugh.

Well written and the humor is perfect! ROFL
I like the way you brought the pastor's character alive with many descriptive mannerisms. I could see him performing these actions as he was conversing. The congregant's reaction to seeing his belly was good. "The laughter began in the front row and spread towards the back like a wild fire." I love the simplicity yet the impactful image of that line.
Pastor Xavier Adkins could have his own book series! A delightful read. Thanks, Cheri
One of those embarrassing moments stories. Good job. Loved it.
LOL - great job. I really enjoyed this
Such a delightful character, that pastor! This would make a fun Christian Seinfeld episode if Seinfeld was Christian! LOL Endearing, sweet and lighthearted. P.S. The property value is still high where your article took up residence, Sir. Blessings, Jo
Along with your rich imagination, you are blessed with a natural sense of humor. Your pastor character sounds so genuinely human.

Thank you for another delightful story to bring smiles to your reader's face!
Loved it...and lived it, Bill. My favorite part was the ending. Amen, let's go eat! What a riot! Great stuff!