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You've tapped directly into things that I've speculated about--who we'll be surprised to see. I'm sure there will be some even more shocking than the ones you've listed here! I got a real kick out of this, and I appreciated the "greatest of sinners" bit at the end. Nicely done.
I loved the message, the format, and the guts to attempt this concept for humor. I tried something similar and had to scratch it. Nice to see how it could've been pulled off. I got a few good laughs out of it too.
Very creative! The line from Paul was great. Nicely done!
Interesting. I totally identify with Paul. I'd probably be too amazed to find myself in the heavenly city to be surprised about anyone else's presence! Let's just keep an open mind about the people we meet. You never can tell who's mansion will be next to yours in heaven. Not bad, even though it didn't have me shaking with laughter.
Very interesting, and a nice subtle use of humor. Good writing.
Smiled all the way through this one. Fav line: 'people who drink alcohol. Yes Flora I think that one caught a lot of us out.' Paisley and the Pope! Precious. yeggy
"Being the greatest of sinners." Wonderful message, delivered with a smile!
Cute - and I like the answers given - who knew? goes to show we don't know and how we have to keep sharing, because we never know what we say or do might help someone else get there :)
Excellent entry! I imagine that we all have some interesting surprises in story for us!