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Loved my morning laugh! Terrific job, and true! tee hee. Jo
Real good article, you found the elements of truth to bend and work with in just the right way.
It's the voice - perfect from the title to the last line. Just perfect. Loved every paragraph.
LOL very funny take on the changes through time!
There are so many priceless lines in this one. But this one almost rolled me off my seat: "If Id come home with an earring in my ear, Id not only had a hole in my ear, thered be a hole dug out back with my name on it." Super writing.
This was so much fun, and oh, how I can relate. I loved the last line, especially. This pricelss piece looks like a winner to me.
I have tears forming I'm laughing so hard. Your commentary is enlightening and hysterical. As a mom of a preschooler the bit about the number flashing on the screen being about pizza ready, love it. The speech therapy line is funny. This is fresh, funny, and fantastic.
A brilliant commentary on the social ills of a politically correct age too concerned with appearances to deal with the harsh realities. I wish I had something negative to say, as you seem to have the fortitude to hear it, but you leave me speechless. Bravo.
& I liked the voice!
This is good. Very funny, with the right dose of reality. Amazing how values have changed (degenerated?). I liked the part about having to be in special class for two years to learn proper speech; now kids've tongue studs that hamper their speech. Altogether well said. It calls for reflection even as we laugh. Well done.
This is too true, and very funny. How did any of us survive? The beginning started a little too "Rodney Dangerfield-ish" for me, but once I got past the first couple of paragraphs I was with you all the way. Nicely written.
A really great humorous entry! My favorite description was the number flashed on the church screen that could be for a pizza ready!
I thought it was perfect, and then I read it again and found it better than that. A much needed laugh and smile. Thanks. God bless.
This had me AND my husband laughing out loud! Touche!
I loved this! The voice was great and really pulled this reader in. It's a winner in me books.

P.S. The title drew me in.
Torrentially funny! I like the article's flow from the days of past to the days of present with a zinger punchline at the end which really brought the message up to date.
I might have found this humorous if it weren't so PITIFULLY true; and the truth hurts. However, I loved the play on words in the title. Kudos!
Great funny writing!! Congrats on your win!! Good work:)
Hilarious monologue - thanks for the laughs - something I could really use today.
Congratulations on your well-deserved win!
I loved your title! As I "age" I can feel some of these same sentiments creeping up in me! Nice job! A well-deserved commendation and EC spot! Blessings, Cheri