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Love that last line of "Smiley pants." Too cute! Isn't it amazing how those off-days always turn out a little wacky? I liked the character of Jane very much. ^_^
Very clever, especially the Smiley pants. A great reminder about rejoicing because I get so frustrated when my time of rest gets interrupted! Great job.
Clever, and all-too-true. Good, realistic dialogue. I did notice a couple of misplaced punctuation marks -- a comma and a question mark in the second scene.
I felt that the numerous ironic incidents lacked a suitable tie-in to the outcome. The events culminated into...? A good exercise would be to write the story with the outcome first, then lead up to it. With a restriction in word count, a lot of writers are letting the final moments of their stories sag.
You had great examples for your "day of peace." I thought it was excellently done. Your conclusion was superb!
I really liked the way this started off with quiet humor, then escalated, and then escalated some more...out of control.

A few minor things: The title should be 3 words: "In Spite Of" (inspite is not a word). And--purely personal preference on my part--it seems as if your first paragraph telegraphs how the rest of the piece is going to go.

This was charming, realistic, written in a great voice that we all can relate to. I enjoyed it very much.
What a fun day! When is your vacation? More fun days then. Good story.
Liked the choice of names. What a disasterous day, one calamity after another. Glad your POV character could smile at the end of it. Doubt I would be, maybe I need to change my name.yeggy