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Cute! Kinda reminds me of a certain someone's bedroom though...very good descriptions. I felt as if I were there wading through the stuff too.
Your descriptive language is wonderfully amazing and amazingly wonderful. You have a wonderful way of putting us right in the middle of the action. Oh -and it's VERY funny, too! ;)
ROFL! Not only is this funny, you found a way to use humor to show the important side of life! This was a real treat!
The absolute best part was the friend who went under the bed to retrieve the earring and came back bald from the noxious gasses. What a gem this is, very well done!
I had no idea teenage girls' rooms could smell as bad as teenage boys' rooms. Great words/phrases used for your descriptions.
Slightly overexaggerated, since the both the narrator and the setting give the feeling of dirtiness and mock danger. If the setting gives that message, then the reader draws the conclusion. If the narrator then repeats that impression, it pushes the description into redundency. Ease back a bit, and let the state of the room tell of itself.

Your use of words like "copious" and phrases like "resembled cookware" add enough comedy to the narrative to let it stand on its own and harmonize with the setting's comedy.
I love your voice, your style, your vocabulary--this is just all 'round fun!
Loved the voice. For me it resonates with the tones of stand up comedy! Very funny look at an issue that many parents have to face, fight and ultimately accept. yeggy
Oh man, when I read this, I felt like I was in the middle of my 9 year old's room. LOL. Great work.
Okay, now seriously, have you been in my 18-year old daughter's room? Yes, I'm sure you have. Am I right?

Anyway, this was marvelous on so many levels. I could TOTALLY relate.
Good article. My daughter's and son's rooms were as bad. But my son, at least, would tackle his when the mood struck him. My daughter's idea of a clean room was moving to another house.
lol - who knew? great stuff!
Brought back memories from when my son was living at home. Never did figure out what that "smell" was in his room! Blessings, Cheri
Been there, done that. Thanks for the memories. This was a fun read.
Congratulations on your 1st EC place win!!
Yay! Joanne won first place! Why am I not surprised it's in the humor category? Too fun. Despite the humor, the scene you painted rings remarkably true. :-)Congrats, girl!
Congratulations! (And you've got me quaking in my boots for when my girls get to adolescence!) Very funny, well deserved win.
Oh Jo! Finally! The JoJo we all love and adore back in true JoJo aplomb! ;)

Congratulations girl!
Wonderful sense of humor and writing style. What a story and oh so true. Congratulations on your win!
Congratulations on your win, so well deserved. This was priceless!
Congrats on your win! Ug, reminds me (just a little) of my own room and I hate that! Heh. I was a little confused about the use of the word "clueless" in paragraph six, since she wasn't clueless, but otherwise a great story!
A very well-deserved first place with this one:) I can only say yea in response to every one of your descriptions - my DS's room is even worse.
Pure Jo Jo here. My favorite kind of humor at its best. Glad this one was recognized at the top of the heap. Not only entertaining, funny, but touching as well and written like a Master. Congrats my eastcoast friend.
God bless.
Congratulation, Jo! Wonderfully funny. Blessings, Cheri
My wife gave up raising her husband. Hope you're stronger than her...