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This was cute! A little confusing at the end, I wasn't sure if it was Bea talking to Ima or to Sharon, but overall, pretty good. I especially liked the title and name-creativity alert! ^_^
A wonderfully funny poem. Love the creative names, the great message and the little twist in the end. Excellent!
Nice title. Good rhyming. The end was pretty confusing for me. In revision, can you work on this part a little?
A great message and so much creativity here, wow! Excellent.
A fun way to make a good point. Bea was well and truly stymied. Loved the title and choice of names. Consistent metre except for one line that didn't scan well, 'Said another friend, Sharon Schtuff.' Very visual. I could see her so clearly! yeggy
Loved it. Your names were so clever. Such an important lesson done in a very funny way.
This was a good laugh, a good poem, a good message!
Fun and creative, thanx, I enjoyed it.
Humor, poetry, and a lesson, all wrapped up in a great package. Lots of talent!
Love the names - a funny twist on the sad state in many churches.
Loved this. Laughed and nodded in total understanding all the way through this. I've had a couple run-ins with other "Bea's". Great job. Pam
Funny poem. Good job.
Yep, I've known a few "Bea Z Boddie's" in my time. This was a fun read, and the names were really clever. Well done.
Very cute and creative. I also loved the names! Thanks for sharing this one.
WOW Cheri! This amazing! A big congrats on a well-deserved win! You are very gifted!
Clever, insightful and fun. Congratulations on your win!
Congrats Cheri! This was a gem, and your win is well deserved!
Original...such a funny story within a delightful poem! Congrats. Great job! Jo
This was a great humorous poem. What a nice break from the stories. I, also, got confused and had to read it carefully and slowly again. I got lost in who "she" was when it involved her other friend. You really tied two talents together: poetry and humor. You excel at both. I LOVED Bea Z. Bodie's name!
Thanks for your comment on my article "Cream Rinse is Extra" Hard to believe, but I really do proof read, but having dyslexia (can you imagine giving that kind of spelling to word for people who have that kind of condition)proof reading at times is futile. But, I will keep trying.

Once again congratulations on you win!
Cheri...I am so excited to see your sense of humor and style...Just had a little time to study my master friend... This was GREAT.. made me laugh. AND soo horribly true to life...Dianne