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Ahhhh...the poor lone female! Bless her heart and her sanity! Thanks for the laugh and the fun. Blessings, Jo
Your ending is victorious! Great job!
Oh my gosh, can I relate! Why do you think my two dogs are both girls? Loved it.
I absolutely LOVE the end! Hilarious! I felt so sorry for her there all by herself and with no one even bringing some canned chicken soup, at least! You did a great job with the character, keeping her real and engaging. ^_^
This was such a cute entry. Good thing no man would think to employ such a tactic. One thing to watch: repeating the same phrase. You used "failed abysmally" twice. But I really enjoyed the story. Great job!
Oops - okay, you didn't use the EXACT same phrase twice. But "abysmally" stuck out after the first time. Sorry.
On of my favorite so far - Great ending - loved the sentence structure and fast pace - great job!
You definitely painted a great picture of a mom surrounded by testosterone. The end was just great.
Ah, the remote control trick! Well done.
A truly wonderful story of a valiant and resourceful mother. You go, Girl!!! Loved the story, loved how it moved swiftly and kept interest, and the ending was superb! Good job.
LOL! I must be sick too cos I was reading this and thinking 'What's she got? What's she got?' and OF COURSE it's the TV, etc etc. I love this. I am laughing! Go, you!
Great story! Why do you think all 4 of my cats are female? Girls Rule!
Well told. Your overexaggerated tone peppers the comedy very well. However, the phrase "like a one of those huge balls that knock down walls on demolition sites." slips up the reader like "one of those yellow slippery things left from a used bananna.", if you understand my meaning. Still, the fact that I am laughing as I am typing that is a good sign.
Your an attention getter. Both in writing and in real life.
I love the title! I have two boys and two girls, and you have captured the male psyche perfectly. Your description of the action flicks and the video games reminded me of those days gone by when my boys were still living at home. Funny. Blessings, Cheri
I know all about the testosterone thing, I am the lone woman in a house of men too. With one dog. You were triumphant in the end! Your motherly instincts won over your children. Bravo! The sign of a truly inspired mum. Loved it!
Love this - your tone was perfect and your humor was right on target. Loved the ending, of course.
Absolutely delightful! My favorite line was, "I can't say I suffered in silence." I love understatement. This is a favorite for me.
"I had taken possession of the TV, the VCR and the remote." ROFL! Great Story!
Very nicely done. Although living in a house with all women I wouldn't know about this type of struggle. =)
LOL -love it. Hit them where it hurts :)
Very funny. I read this earlier in the week, and an't understand why I didn't comment then. Great job.
LOL - Very funny ... still laughing.
ROFL. Sending a link to my faithful missus. I loved the CHOPS especially.
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