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Very cute. Pigs are always funny. I chuckled out loud at the image of Mrs. P falling.
Definately writing at the Masters level. The only drawback being that few will properly enjoy it, but that's just the bitterness talking. Very enjoyable, witty, and sharp. Keep up the excellent work.
Delightfully funny! Writing humor may not be easy, but you mastered it!
What a hoot!!! Absolutely loved it. Characters were great. The whole scenerio humorous. Excellent!
Great characters, action and descriptions here. Funny. Overall wonderful job!
No - I hadn't read this yet - but I'm glad you pointed me here! So much fun. You really brought your characters to life!
Very funny and well written. The slow reactions of my foggy brain forced me to reread the paragraph about "the plan" -- too many names for me. This was very good.
I enjoyed this clever, funny story. I loved the apt description "swine queen."
Great title, and wonderful job with the rural flavor. Just enough dialect to give us the idea, not so much as to be distracting. Really cute story!
What a GREAT lesson. Great! I can see this as part of a larger work (possibly movie -lots of action there to play with lol)
Great story! My favorite line: "Faced with Queenie’s moist snuffling snout, he conceded the election." Made me snort. :)
Could there be a little truth hidden here? It sure sounds like it. Good writing.
I felt like I was one of the kids following right behind and helping with the diversion...very good twist with having the jars knocked over. Clever way to work the ending out to teach us readers a lesson at the same time. Kudos! ^_^