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Funny AND informative. Too bad I don't have a dog. I could really go for some free Timbits. Man, I miss Canada!!! Great job, by the way. I really enjoyed this.
Oh I loved this on e- you made the dog so real! I never heard of Timbit's but I could feel the dog getting excited:)
This is charming. I'm a sucker for a dog story. I love the Hurry I'm dying here line. Well done.
I loved your title for this story. It's a touch poetic, in retrospect. I enjoyed the dog's introspection, and how he labels the coffee "evil brew". Coffee is pungeant enough to a human nose, but who knows the affrontery it causes to a canine's olfactory sesitivities! Genuinely made me laugh.
Great job here. I'm dying here was my favorite line as well. Funny!
Your POV was very clever. Original and entertaining, and well written.
I really enjoyed meeting the dog with such an exuberant personality. You did a great job.
That dog felt SO real - your characterization of him was wonderful. A delightful story!
I enjoyed this was told from the POV of the dog! Sooo funny, gotta love that dog!
This was very endearing and quite special. Loved it--and this from a cat person!
Well done. Hard to write from a dog's POV and make it funny but you nailed it. Yeggy
Can't help but love that dog! You turned him into such a funny, little character. Nicely done! Jo
Cute :) My mother-in-law's bank keeps doggie bisuits to pass out for the furry kids, in addition to the suckers for the less furry ones lol.
I loved how the dog referred to his owner as HE, and how you put his thoughts throughout. I could feel the dog's anticipation. Awesome job. Cheri
What a delightful imagination you have! I really believe you have the ability to think like a dog---and that is a genuine compliment. It reveals a heart full of empathy. You are such a charming storyteller. Thank you for a fun read.