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Oh joy! This is great. The part is that Uncle Winston is perfectly fine, and so is Martha. Wonderful.
Love the description his friend at the end:) Good dialogue.
Loved it.....AND AM LIVING IT! Just got back from the neurologist's with mom-in-law. This was an excellent, funny story. I thought of writing up my relative's foibles, but I thought it too tragic. However, you have given it a little different spin and I found it 100% delightful! Great job!
Loved it, especially when we find out that he has such a special "match". LOL Great job.
You should have reconsidered the panty hose coupon upon clapping eyes on her. Very funny and intelligent, but the last sentance sort of bludgeons the point a little. I like the boxer shorts in the fridge. It sums up his condition rather effectively.
Uncle Winston definitely entertained me. This was a delightful read, and how nice for the girls to sacrifice their time and help him, even when after all he didn't need it!
I liked the ending!
I loved Uncle Winston. You did a great job with description.
This is cute, but sort of sad in a way. Very well written, and you seemed to capture too many of our "uncles" very effectively.
You tell a story so well!! A fun and delightful story!
I didn't quite know how to feel about's wonderfully written, and very amusing, but I felt so sad for Uncle Winston. It was unclear, I guess, whether he had Alzheimer's or was just quirky and eccentric. Maybe with just that clarification? Lots of really great moments here, and a fantastic voice.
Certainly got me smiling! The voice, relationships between the sisters and the characterisation of Uncle Winston worked to make this an entertaining piece.
Very cute article! I chuckled several times. Especially with the boxers in the fridge. Who knew you weren't supposed to do that!
Author clarification:
Uncle Winston is a quirky little man with a slight oxygen flow above the shoulders problem. (Think Bernice from "Designing Women.") He is not seriously ill.
I adore the elderly, and feel they are often overlooked in our society. They have so much to offer. I wanted to portray Uncle Winston as a loveable elderly gentleman very much enjoying life, and is possibly even starting a new romance.
I hope this clears up any questions the reader may have.
The title was perfect! Uncle Winston was a little eccentric, wasn't he? Very smooth and natural dialogue.

I think my favorite part of this was the salami in the vacuum cleaner hose.

I loved the twist at the end, where we find out that his "dinner date" seemed to be just as eccentric as Uncle Winston. Good job!
I especially liked the one eyebrow feature the Winston and Martha shared. What a fun story!
Uncle Winston's not the only one to entertain. Toooo funny!
This is so funny! I can just see the sister's reactions. And I can feel the mirth being held back by the narrator.
How cute! Loved the ending! Truly a perfect match! :D
So many things hit home here! Very comical and sweet. I was glad for the clarification about Uncle Winston's condition.

Interestingly enough, my husband's name is Winston, Winston Wayne; we call him Wayne. And my little sister always says to me things like, "Your father..."

A fun read. Thanks, Cheri
Oh, this was so enjoyable! I loved the description, and your wonderful words made it easy to visualize. Thanks so much for sharing it.
Very, very good ... great story.
Would you girls be available to come over and clean my house tomorrow? My cats and I are having a tea party this afternoon and they're bringing the snacks. Thank you much.

Such lovely ladies, aren't they Boots?