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Totally hilarious in a completely irreverant way - which I really respect. Not much of a spiritual aspect, but then I'm not really in a position to judge people on that point this week. Well done!
This was fun. Love the twist at the end. Kudos.
Well, its true that you'll never go broke selling to the lowest common denominator.
Didn't see that coming but humor? Yep, I smiled. Good work.
One of my favorites this week. I love your phrase "a giggle of girls" - perfect!
The first one I've read - and believe me I've read a lot - that actually got me laughing. Well done! I love the way this backfired on the poor guy. yeggy
OH!!! MY!! lol He should have left well enough alone lol
This is hilarious! I certainly hope it isn't true. What an experience that would have been. Good writing.
A hunter from my home town is reported to have solved the problem of his snoring hunting cabin roommate in the same manner.

Just one question: Why was it necessary to fix what wasn't broken?
Very clever and well-written! You did make me laugh! :)